Roy Jones Defiant Ahead Of Final Fight Of His Legendary Career

The great Roy Jones Jr will finish his legendary boxing career in his hometown of Pensacola in Florida and is determined to go out on a high note.

Jones became one of only two men in history to hold recognised middleweight and heavyweight world titles as a professional boxer.

Furthermore, not many realise that Jones is in fact the only man every in boxing history to turn pro at junior-middleweight and win a heavyweight title.

It’s hard to see how that could ever happen again in modern boxing. Given the sheer size of some of the heavyweights around today.

Speaking on UFC Fight Pass ahead of his final fight in the ring on Thursday Jones said:

“Scott Sigmon has had some pretty tough fights in his career like Kelly Pavlik who was a pretty good middleweight champion, but I cannot really say he’s seen the likes of a prime Roy Jones Jr. I can’t even say that he’s seen an old Roy Jones Jr because the old Roy Jones Jr is so much like the Roy Jones Jr. I punch much more devastating now than I did as a youngster – so his hands are full.”

Jones will box Sigmon this Thursday live on UFC Fight Pass for the vacant WBU cruiserweight title.