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Ricky Hatton On Mayweather vs McGregor In MMA: F*****g Ludicrousy

Since Floyd Mayweather’s video of him stepping into an MMA cage the saga of him being linked with a rematch against McGregor in the UFC has been non stop.

It seems like a bit of a far-fetched notion to think that Mayweather at 40 years of age without any experience in mixed martial arts would risk stepping into McGregor in his specific combat discipline.

But after the whole Mayweather vs McGregor match in boxing last year, no one is dismissing anything in the often crazy world we now find ourselves living in in the fight game.

One renowned boxer who does not believe the whole saga is good for the sport of boxing however is Ricky Hatton.

Speaking to James Helder of IFL TV, Hatton said:

“I can’t see it for the life of me. I think it’s stuff like this that is making a farce of our sport really. Yeah, come on. I can’t help but think that it’s just a money-making thing. If it does happen everyone will pay for it and everyone will watch it, won’t they. I can’t see Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather fighting in a UFC fight. It was bad enough in the boxing ring. I think we’re going beyond the realms of f*****g ludicrousy, I really do. No disrespect to Conor or Floyd – but I’d be very shocked if that happened.”

Hatton was speaking at the launch of the Ultimate Boxxer series which is due to have its first event this coming April in Manchester.

For the full interview with Hatton check it out here on IFL YouTube (hat tip):

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