Adrien Broner Is Targeting Three Fighters In 2018

Adrien “The Problem” Broner after an up and down couple of years appears to have the bit between his teeth back and is training hard, highly motivated again, by all accounts.

Certainly his early training footage put out this year that at least physically he is already in decent condition. The real question will come of course in how he is mentally this year.

All the problems Broner had in the past emanate from outside of boxing itself, more so to do with his lifestyle and the situations he sometimes finds and puts himself in.

But if he can finally clear all that outside stuff up and realise that boxing is a short career and focus purely on his craft for the next few years, there is no logical reason why he can’t be a very good world champion.

Speaking on 2018, here’s his plans and three fighters that he wants:

“This year I will be crowned king again and it starts with @omarfigueroajr April 21st but after that I want to get some get back at @showtimeshawnp and @teammikeygarcia these two guys I can admit beat me fair and square no excuses but I know I can defeat both of these guys so good luck to both of these guys and I hope y’all keep building y’all names so when I come kick y’all ass the second time around it will be that much bigger and last but not least @amirkingkhan I just want to knock him out cause it don’t take much to do it plus it will sell out over in the UK so if @eddiehearn want to make the fight let’s fucking do it….. NOW I RESPECT ALL THESE GUYS BUT LIKE I SAID 2018 is MY YEAR”

All three very interesting fights to be fair, hopefully at least one of them happens.