Khan Snaps At Joshua Wife Comment – Fires Glass At Opponent’s Face

Amir Khan’s press conference today has gone off in every single possible way imaginable. As soon as his opponent started talking about Khan’s wife, Khan went off the deep end.

A very public story last year emerged after Amir Khan tweeted at heavyweight champion of the world Anthony Joshua suggesting that he was having something to do with his wife.

Joshua laughed it off at the time and Khan later took back the accusation, but the amount of memes and photo shop edits that followed were prolific.

Khan recently got back together with his wife so when opponent Phil La Greco started talking about her and Anthony Joshua today, Khan literally lost it:

All hell broke loose with things reportedly turning very nasty, needing a huge number of security to swoop in and stop things from getting further out of hand.

Khan isn’t usually this easy to rile but man, does La Greco know how to get underneath his skin or what.

Khan let him get to him straight off the bat and in a sport as brutal as boxing both inside and outside the ring, this is exactly the reaction his Canadian opponent would have wanted.

The pair will fight one another for real on April 21st at the Liverpool Arena in the UK.