Gennady Golovkin must be a happy man today knowing that he’ll finally get his chance to put in his eyes a few wrongs that need to be righted.

Both sets of fans for either fighter are incredibly passionate for their men. This rematch come May 5th will carry literally the weight of two nations upon its shoulders.

An event that boxing can be proud of, genuinely.

Speaking on Twitter the middleweight kingpin had a short, but impact-filled statement for his younger Mexican counterpart:

“You’re right. This time we won’t need the judges.”

It’s clear Golovkin has one thing and one thing only on his mind – a knockout. Getting this against a guy like Canelo is not going to be easy though.

He’ll need to draw Canelo into a war to have a chance at hurting the usually unflappable Canelo, who has renowned punch resistance himself (like Golovkin).

The question might be around how fast either guy starts and who can impose their game plan on the other the earliest.

If anyone’s going to box, it’s going to be Canelo. Surely.

It will be up to Golovkin to perhaps be more subtle in his variation of his attacks this time around, if these are the type of tactics Alvarez chooses to employ.

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