Amir Khan’s Comeback Opponent Trolls Khan Following Fight Announcement

Amir Khan’s comeback opponent is pulling no punches out of the ring following today’s news that the two will meet in the squared circle come April 21st.

UK boxer Amir Khan will meet Phil Lo Greco from Canada who is already on the verbal assault of his UK counter part ahead of the pair’s fight in a few months time at Liverpool’s Echo Arena.

In truth, Khan has to be used to this kind of stuff now.

For some reason or other, Khan has always come in for a lot of flack online and has been the brunt of a number of memes and photo shop edits over the years.

Such is the cruelty of the old internet at times.

The main focus of attack for Lo Greco straight out of the gate seems to surround a comparison with Khan and a certain female member of the Kardashian family:

Furthermore, he’s really dug the boot in on Khan with:

Khan will be no stranger to this of course and likely will just use it as relentless fuel and motivation in a bid to kick-start his professional fighting career following an extended hiatus from the sport of boxing.

Khan currently holds a professional boxing record of 31-4-19KO with Lo Greco holding a pro record of 28-3-15KO.