Retired American boxer Andre Ward has already been tempted out of retirement it would appear following making the announcement to hang up the gloves only last year.

Boxers have always found it hard to walk away from the sport over the years.

Boxing is one of those things that seems to get into you for those involved in it, like a drug, almost an illness that never leaves you and can make you bitter if you let it.

Not the case with Andre “Dre” Ward however. One of the good guys in the sport behind the scenes, and a sensible chap by all accounts.

After beating Sergey Kovalev twice in his last two contests he can leave the sport with an incredible legacy as an amateur and pro too, having pretty much done everything.

But did he really get that massive fight that he so craved in his career.

The big one, as they say?

Well, the two Kovalev fights bombed on pay per view to be honest, so possibly not.

No doubt he got paid very well but outside of just money, perhaps it is the more widespread recognition for his considerable talents that he still wants, underneath it all, could you blame him.

Maybe the controversy of the Kovalev fights still mess with him too, in that he likely wants to put some more legacy stamps on his career.

It turns out that a serious offer to fight at heavyweight was not just a rumor and here he outlines the true story about the rumors with the lads at Fight YouTube (hat tip):

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