Floyd Mayweather Bizarrely Gets An Actual Day Named After Him

The retired American boxer is still racking up the achievements and awards it would seem. Although this one is totally left field and not expected by anyone. Surely.

Mayweather is now retired from the sport of boxing after his 50th and final fight last August where he won a TKO against Irishman Conor McGregor in Las Vegas.

Since then he’s been doing a lot of travelling around the world but a city in his home country of the US has now bestowed their highest honor on him.

As per TMZ, Oklahoma City have named January 17th every year from now on officially as “Floyd Mayweather Day.”

What’s more is Mayweather himself didn’t apparently know about it or why he received the honor.

What seems to be most confusing however about this new day in honor for the man known as “Money” is why the connection with Oklahoma city in the first place.

Mayweather is from originally Grand Rapids in Michigan and for a number of years now has made Las Vegas in Nevada his home.

Surely one of these two towns and States would have made more logical sense for this kind of news.

But hey, he’s not complaining no doubt.

To have an actual day named after you doesn’t happen very often to anyone in life.