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A Claim Joshua Made That Begs The Question Is He Overlooking Parker

Hints of complacency have reared their head in recent times ahead of the first heavyweight unification bout in boxing in quite some time.

A little while back I was listening to one of Anthony Joshua’s interviews where he clearly said:

“Physically he (Parker) can’t trouble me.”

The comment was made when the mind games being instigated by team Parker were brought up, and Joshua replied with the above answer as he was of the opinion they had to try to get to his mind as Parker doesn’t have a chance physically of beating him.

Although perhaps an off the cuff remark I couldn’t help but reading into it a bit more at the time and since the fight has been made official, I just wonder is AJ overlooking Parker ahead of their fight on March 31st.

He’d be very unwise to do so.

Parker while being the smaller fighter and less powerful of the two, will train like an animal for this and come into the bout in the shape of his life.

He’s had a few mediocre performances in recent years and is due something decent this time round, and likely will box better than ever before due to the gravity and size of the event ahead of him.

Joshua in his last fight against Carlos Takam didn’t exactly perform to his best either.

Surely that fight will have taught him that no matter who you’re up against in the heavyweight division – to never to take your foot off the gas when you are at the top of the mountain like he is at the moment – with plenty of heavyweights willing and ready to try to push you down the edge of the cliff and bring you crashing back down to ground zero via one single punch.