Can Errol Spence Become Pound For Pound Number One?

After another stellar performance at the weekend Errol Spence Jr is climbing most people’s pound for pound rankings all the time.

Pound for pound debates are a bit of a funny thing, however. No one ever agrees on them and they’re totally subjective.

But after another stoppage win last weekend against Lamont Peterson, surely most would have Spence in at least their top five-pound for pound at this stage.

At the very least.

Some may even have him number one already but the likes of Vasyl Lomacehnko, Terence Crawford or Gennady Golovkin might still sit a little higher than him for some.

From a skill perspective you’d have to say Spence is up there with the above though.

He just needs perhaps a few more names on his resume over the coming year or two and he could very well be knocking on the door of making a genuine claim to be the best fighter in the sport of boxing.

His punch variation, power and patience in the ring have broken down every man put in front of him thus far.

Outside of his technical and physical gifts, he seems to possess perhaps the most important trait of all in a top-level fighter – a good attitude.

None of his accomplishments have gone to his head so far. He knows this is a marathon – not a sprint.

To truly be considered pound for pound the best in boxing over the coming years he’ll likely have to win titles in other weight categories and move up to 154lbs – and possibly long-term even 160lbs.

However lets not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

He’s still relatively young and has plenty of competition at welterweight for the time being which he needs to clean out first.