Anthony Joshua appears to be a man more than motivated to unify the division but as he’s finding out at the moment, it’s not easy to do. Or cheap.

The governing bodies in boxing are businesses like anything else. They make money when their titles are on the line and defended at the end of the day.

It’s become an almost impossible task in modern boxing to hold all the belts at the same time due to the various complicated politics involved in the rankings and so forth.

However Joshua has said time and time again that his goal is to hold all the major world title belts in the heavyweight division.

It is understood between Joshua’s three belts he will have to hand over £270,000 to the IBF, IBO and WBA just for the opportunity to defend the belts.

Speaking about the money he needs to pay the governing bodies Joshua told The Mirror that:

“Sanctioning fees rack up.”

Indeed they do, but he won’t be complaining too much one suspects.

Between the fight purse, pay per view revenue and various other income streams from the fight on March 31st Joshua should make upwards of at least £15 million from the bout against Joseph Parker.