Drug testing in boxing is really at the forefront of the sport at the moment. Particularly in the heavyweight division it seems over the last twelve months.

Taking performance enhancing drugs in a sport as already dangerous as boxing is surely an unforgivable offence.

People could literally get killed or have their health negatively impacted for the rest of their lives.

Furthermore, heavyweight boxing where pro heavyweights already punch with enough force to knock someone out with a single shot – to have top heavyweight pro boxers doping is so dangerous it’s crazy.

But this is boxing.

Where penalties often get cut down and in a bid to make money, fighters are allowed to box again despite numerous offences.

Leading British promoter Eddie Hearn however has said he’s never had a fighter signed with his promotional company done for PED’s.

And if he did, he told Kugan Cassius of IFL TV that:

“If I had a fighter who failed a drugs test and I believed and knew that fighter had knowingly taken those PEDs to improve his performance, 100% I’m never working with him again.”

He later reiterated this position:

“If I knew a fighter was cheating and they failed a test, unquestionably they’d never box for me again.”

It’s surprising how drugs cheats in boxing get as soft punishments as they do. It’s down right criminal, actually.

I suspect over the coming years however it’s going to be harder for cheaters to get away with things as boxing continues to do well and be in the spot light.

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