Joseph Parker’s Promoter Reveals Joshua vs Parker Purse Split Details

WBO heavyweight champion Parker’s promoter David Higgins has opened up about the Joshua and Parker purse split negotiations in making the fight a reality.

Negotiations of a big fight are always tenuous at the best of times but when it comes to a heavyweight title fight in a stadium of the size of Joshua vs Parker on March 31st, there’s a lot of moving parts to consider.

In the social media age we now live in today often times negotiations are part of the narrative of a big fight and almost play out in public.

Speaking to Parker promoter David Higgins revealed the purse split negotiation details:

“We didn’t quiet get the 65/35 split. Our side compromised a little and their side compromised a little and I think we ended up with something that was fair to both parties. We respect the fact that Joshua is a Gold medal, that he’s a superstar, that he’s selling out stadiums and bringing broadcasters – so he deserves to get paid more. He’s getting paid substantially more and we have no complaints about that.”

He also revealed:

“Should Parker win Joshua will get a rematch.”

Interesting that the rematch clause only seem to work one way. In favour of Joshua.

It isn’t clear if it is an immediate rematch in this scenario but it would be reasonable to assume that it would be.

Also, if Parker were to spring the upset it is understood that he would then earn a bigger share of the purse split in a potential rematch.