WBO world heavyweight champion Joseph Parker gets started into a ten week training camp this week ahead of March 31st showdown with Anthony Joshua.

Mind games appear to be a key part of Joseph Parker’s promoter David Higgins in the run up to his charge’s fight with Anthony Joshua.

It’s very odd to see Joshua rattled but the fact he said he won’t shake Parker’s hand, for a guy like Joshua, surely shows some sort of bad feeling on his part.

Speaking to FightHype.com about it Joseph Parker said:

“I think we got under his skin and he thinks that we disrespected him. Like I said before we were not trying to disrespect anyone or make any bad feelings towards anyone but if that’s how he wants to roll by all means let him do what he wants to do. Obviously I would like to shake his hand and say thanks for the great fight, but each to their own.”

At the end of the day both guys will likely shake hands afterwards. It’s always the case in boxing 99% of the time unless there is incredible hatred between the two fighters.

That doesn’t seem to be the case here though in all fairness.

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