Parker’s Promoter Reveals Anthony Joshua Dropped In Sparring

A few years back Liverpool heavyweight David Price claimed he heavily dropped Anthony Joshua in sparring but according to Joseph Parker’s promoter David Higgins – there’s much more to it than that.

Sparring is sparring of course and in the ring under the lights when it counts Anthony Joshua is an unbeaten professional boxing world champion and also an Olympic Gold medallist as an amateur.

The main area of focus in terms of mental attack from team Parker leading into the fight is on Joshua’s chin, while they feel their man has a much better punch resistance.

Of course the best chin is the one that doesn’t get hit but Joseph Parker promoter David Higgins is extremely confident in his man winning the fight based on one or two things he claims to know.

Speaking on UK TV to announce the fight and global event, Higgins pointed to evidence they have of Joshua getting regularly dropped in sparring:

“The thing that no one talks about – the fact that Joshua gets flattened all the time in most training camps. We’ve got evidence of at least six people laying him out and so he’s done bloody well to become world champion and be unbeaten.”

He continued to say:

“The fact is Joshua has been laid out on the floor at least half a dozen times and Joseph never has.”

Time will tell who has the better chin come fight night when it counts on March 31st in Wales.

It will be interesting to see if Joshua chooses to bite back over the coming weeks to any of the slights against him so far.