Joseph Parker: Anthony Joshua Is In For A Huge Shock

The WBO heavyweight champion of the world is not intimidated in the least ahead of the biggest fight of his life when he takes on Anthony Joshua on March 31st in Wales.

Parker’s past few performances have not been his best as he would surely admit himself.

But with the size of the fight in front of him and the fact he’s now due a good performance, I expect him to raise his game to an all together different level from what we’ve seen so far when he fights Joshua.

Joshua is the golden ticket of the heavyweight division and as his star in world boxing continues to grow, with that fighters will be gunning for him.

Fighting out of their skins and better than they ever have before in their careers against him. Indeed, Parker reacting to news of the fight being made official today was bullish:

“Anthony Joshua is in for a huge shock. A couple of months ago I heard him say ‘why should I be worried about this little kid from New Zealand?”

He added:

“Well, now he’s about to find out. And the world is about to find out whether AJ can really take a punch. My entire existence is now devoted to proving what the boxing world already knows.”

Parker will start as a fairly significant underdog in the bout but that won’t bother him.

If anything, it will take even more pressure off his New Zealander shoulders and let more pressure pile on to the big favorite in this – Anthony Joshua.