Tyson Fury Reveals What The Future Holds For Him

The former champion has been in philosophical mood today ahead of what is expected to be a return to the ring this coming April.

No date or opponent has been confirmed yet, but Fury in response to potentially being stripped of his Ring Magazine heavyweight strap did issue the month of April as his return date.

Many are wondering what kind of Fury will turn up and if he’ll be the same fighter that he once was.

Over the past two years or so Fury has had a very public battle with depression and substance abuse issues but appears to be finally, in a much better place emotionally and mentally – surrounded by his family.

When asked what the future holds for him, Fury revealed it on Twitter as:

Fair play Tyson Fury. Taking one day at a time and not getting ahead of himself while concentrating on what is most important to him, his family.

On a boxing note, provided his skills have not diminished over the past couple of years, he should still have plenty enough of a fight game to more than mix it with all the top heavyweight in world boxing today.

In the grand scheme of things, he’s still relatively young (for a heavyweight) too.

Although, from here on out he’ll have to live a lot cleaner if he wants a solid number of years in the heavyweight division before he retires.

(Photo credit: Tyson Fury Twitter)