Al Haymon’s Long Term Plan For The Welterweight Division In Boxing

The powerful American boxing manager advises a lot of the top stars at 147lbs – was it his plan all along after Floyd Mayweather retired? Quiet possibly.

2018 will see the year in boxing that we enter into the post-Floyd Mayweather era officially.

His recent fight with one Conor McGregor while not much of a challenge for him back in August, is surely the last time we’ll see him as an active fighter at least.

His long-time manager and friend Al Haymon helped him get to heights commercially that no boxer has ever seen.

We’ve spoken on here before about the brand refresh from “Pretty Boy” to “Money” exactly at the same time as the global downturn – when cash was limited for many – who in turn took a dislike to the “Money” mantra Mayweather and Haymon devised which in turn sold more pay per views – but was Haymon’s plan all along to control the welterweight division long-term?

They say when you find a niche in anything to be the first to exploit it and if you can, innovate within it to remain on top.

While Haymon manages a huge range of fighters from different weight classes it’s hard to ignore his love over the last decade or so for the welterweight division specifically.

As of now he manages Danny Garcia, Shawn Porter, Amir Khan, Keith Thurman and Errol Spence. All elite welterweights.

The only top-tier threat to those whom he doesn’t manage is Terence Crawford. Signed with a rival organisation.

Once Crawford fights WBO champion Jeff Horn and if he beats him, he’s really not got much to choose from after that.

Maybe he’ll be able to fight fellow stablemate Manny Pacquiao at the end of 2018 but after that its slim pickings.

He’ll have to fight one of Haymon’s welterweights at some point if he’s to prove himself as the number one in the division.

But what could Haymon’s plan for the above fight be beyond that?

Well, the new World Boxing Super Series format is run by Richard Schaefer. A man who has successfully worked with Haymon for years.

I wouldn’t be surprised if in the second year of the new format we see the welterweight division as one of the weight classes.

Ready-made for Schaefer with some of Haymon’s welterweights.