Lamont Peterson Has An Unsually Bad Reaction To Reporter Question

Lamont Peterson returns to action later this month in a very tough challenge against Errol Spence Jr and in a slight break from his usual calm character, has bit at a reporter’s question in the build-up.

Boxers are human beings like everyone at the end of the day. People can have their buttons pushed and fighters are no different.

Especially when they are making weight.

Like Lamont Peterson is at the moment ahead of his January 20th world title shot against the gifted Errol Spence.

Peterson has been very candid in recent years how he didn’t exactly enjoy boxing.

Mainly because of the politics and business side of it – which could frustrate someone with the patience of a saint to be fair.

Now he seems to be enjoying his boxing a bit more however and is training extremely hard by looking at his training videos. Ferociously so.

Speaking to a group of journalists in a media scrum, Peterson was clearly on edge making weight and shut down a number of reporter’s questions in this video (hat tip IFL YouTube) including the Garcia loss and also was he happy with his purse for the fight – which he refused to answer:

The defeat in question in the above video title was to Danny Garcia by a majority points loss back in 2015.

Since then he has put together two wins on the trot going into January 20th’s showdown with Errol Spence in New York.

It always impresses me over the years how boxers for the most part remain so calm and together considering the incredible stress they put their bodies and minds under in the run up to the fight when cutting massive amounts in a short time period in some cases.

Being hungry would making anyone irritable but imagine doing so preparing for a world-class fighter training to come in to destroy you in the ring.