Main Terms Have Been Agreed For GGG Canelo II

GGG Canelo II looks set for this May on the Mexican holiday weekend when two of the world’s leading middleweight fighters will throw down for a second time following a controversial first fight in 2017.

The first fight ended in a draw which never really pleases anyone. Fans want a definitive winner.

Especially in a fight to establish who is the best in a division.

The first fight was marred by controversy surrounding one of the judges’ scorecards that seemed to score more headlines afterwards than anything.

In the grand scheme of things this was a shame mind you, as the fight itself was a very entertaining one where in spurts it really took off in terms of action.

Both men have since taken a break from training camp but have now returned to keeping ready after what has been months of negotiations between their two teams to this point.

Some positive developments have finally come however, as it looks like the bones of the deal has now properly been agreed.

Speaking to the LA Times, Golden Boy Promotions matchmaker Eric Gomez said:

“We’ve exchanged contracts. We’ve gone through three revisions. I’m hoping for the last revision and we’ll see. All the major points have been worked out. There’s some details that are important, but they’re not the major points.”

Great news for boxing fans.

It is thought the main contenders to stage the rematch are Las Vegas and New York – with venue likes the T-Mobile Arena and Madison Square Garden being looked at currently amongst others.

Considering the above deal has gone through so many drafts already, it looks like this should officially be made this month at the latest.

Giving at least three full months of training camp and build-up to what will be a bout to finally establish who the best middleweight in the world is.