Mayweather Response To Female MeToo Movement Causes Controversy

A Floyd Mayweather response to a question about the female #MeToo movement is causing significant controversy today.

The #MeToo movement refers to women speaking out about sexual assault and when asked about it in an interview Mayweather joked:

“Whenever somebody like I get a Rolls Royce, I’m like, me too.”

He continued:

“When they say I made a billion dollars, I say, me too.”

In fairness to Mayweather he genuinely doesn’t seem to know what it’s about but the folks at the Breakfast Club have been highly critical of Mayweather.

An extract of the audio included of the interviewer asking the question and then Mayweather’s response can be listened to here of the interview in question:

Mayweather has being in a state of retirement since his last bout against Ireland’s Conor McGregor last August where he won by TKO in round 10.

Talks have suggested that Mayweather could make an appearance in the UFC, but Mayweather downplayed this more recently.

Mayweather now appears to be focused on his boxing promotional company and his various business interests he has which includes a strip club in Las Vegas.

As of this time, Mayweather’s boxing record reads 50-0 which he reportedly got trade marked before his boxing match with Conor McGregor.