Floyd Mayweather is retired from the sport of boxing, at least for now, but he’s put in a special request to the World Boxing Council that is thought to be under serious consideration.

Mayweather won numerous WBC titles in his career that saw him become a world champion in a total of five weight classes.

Recently in an interview with Fight Hype he urged fighters to petition that his name gets added onto all the WBC belts.

Like other champions in history have had.

This seems to have been taken seriously by the WBC.

An organisation who previously created a special belt for the recent Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor boxing match last August in Las Vegas.

The WBC president said on their official sanctioning body website this week that:

“Now that Mayweather confirmed his retirement, we can consider something like that.”

Although Mayweather confirmed that he was retired from the sport after the McGregor fight, various reports since have surfaced linking him to a potential MMA bout in the UFC.

These seem very wide of the mark though. Particularly at his age and with everything he’s done so far in his career.

It’s not likely he would risk serious physical damage in the UFC.