Dillian Whyte and Lucas Browne certainly were not on one another’s Christmas card lists this year as Whyte steps up his verbal assault on the Australian.

Recently Browne recorded a social media video stating his hatred of the UK heavyweight which got quite a bit of reaction online.

The Brixton man has taken his time to conjure up a reply, but hasn’t pulled any punches today with it the following on Twitter:

“COWARD @lucasBrowne you got everything & more than u asked for now ur trying to run away u absolute P****”

Some real, genuine needle between these two. No doubt about it.

It appears negotiations are still, well, ongoing.

Perhaps this is a reason boxers never negotiate directly with one another over fight purses because if they did, well, fists would fly and police would be called.

It’s a fairly solid fight though in fairness if they can make it. Two big punching guys who genuinely love to scrap who have been on the fringe of world level for a while now.

The sheer stylistic compelling nature of it should be enough for these guys to resolve any negotiation differences they have and get this over the line soon.