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Why Joseph Parker Is A More Live Dog Against Joshua Than Many Think

Joseph Parker Is

If you look at the various bookmakers’ websites out there they don’t give WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker a prayer against Anthony Joshua. But they might not be considering one or two things.

First off, styles make fights.

Parker is looking to come into this light – built for speed and stamina.

He knows his main shot at winning the fight is weathering a potential early storm and taking things into second half of the bout.

A place in the fight where all that muscle on Joshua will be tested from a fitness point of view.

Yes, granted, Joshua came through Klitschko and Takam and got second winds on those fights.

But Parker presents a more mobile operator than those two, with similar if not great durability than Takam – making him a dangerous fight for Joshua if it goes past six rounds.

That has to be the game plan surely. A simple one but if he can out work and wear Joshua down, he could very well have a chance to spring the upset.

Mentally also, all the pressure will be in Joshua going into the fight to win and set up a unification with Deontay Wilder.

Or a big fight with Tyson Fury later in 2018.

There’s not that pressure on Parker who will be able to go into with a clear mind.

Furthermore, coming off some disappointing performances in his last fights I sense Parker will be in the shape of his life for this.

He’ll bring his very best this time. His A-game.

The fight is due to be signed and confirmed officially any day now – don’t write Joseph Parker totally off, just yet.