Amir Khan To Make Huge Announcement – Boxing World Speculates

Amir Khan is set to make a massive announcement tomorrow in the boxing business that many are speculating could be a big fight and a new promoter.

Khan recently came out of a reality TV show in Australia where he added to his legions of fans around the world.

Outside of Floyd Mayweather, Khan actually has one of the biggest social media followings out of any boxer in the world.

Now he’s got a big surprise up his sleeve in the UK tomorrow saying on social media:

This writer for one suspects that a link up with one Eddie Hearn could be on the cards, something Hearn mentioned last year that he would be more than open to.

It’s the big fights that Khan wants in the UK and with manager Al Haymon who also has worked with Hearn in the past, a new promotional future could very well be on the cards.

Fans have been reacting in their droves to the expected announcement so far: