The war of words rages on in this heavyweight fight that seems to be building and building all the time, on an almost daily basis at the moment.

Fury formally issued a challenge to Joshua on Twitter this week saying that despite the extended layoff that he wants Joshua as his first fight back. If Joshua will accept.

Joshua has since replied in various reports that he does not think Fury is fit and ready for him.

Well, that’s gone down just how you could imagine with Tyson Fury. Speaking on Twitter a short time ago he replied to this sentiment from Joshua by saying:

“Just seen @anthonyfjoshua trying to play my challenge down saying I’ve not had a fight & not fit! Im ready for this summer don’t shit yourself now it’s been put on you!?”

As about clear as anyone could be, surely?

Joshua has only bit once to this type of direct call out, of which have been frequent from Fury over the last six months in particular.

On that occasion he famously called Fury a “fat f***” which got not only the boxing world talking, but pretty much all of the sports world.

It will be interesting to see if Joshua continues this more genuine, being himself type character in 2018. Or if the media trained masked man will continue.

Bottom line though, who cares – lets hope these two fight in 2018.

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