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Terence Crawford Finds Himself In An Awkward Situation

Pound for pound rated boxing maestro Terence Crawford recently cleaned out the 140lbs division but now finds himself in a rather awkward predicament.

Everything hinges on the men outside the ring in this situation, ultimately.

Inside of it, you couldn’t fault Terence though.

He hasn’t put a foot wrong really since turning pro ten years ago from his pro debut in 2008 right up to unifying the junior welterweight division last year.

His pro record currently reads 32-0-23KO and includes plenty of reputable competition all along the way.

But the man from Omaha finds himself now in the welterweight division. Likely mandatory for WBO champion for Jeff Horn next.

Grand, that’s fine.

Horn is an easy fight to make given Crawford’s promoter’s link with the Australian fighter who dethroned Manny Pacquiao for the belt last year.

The problem happens if he wins that fight, all the other main champions and pretty much anyone who’s anyone in the welterweight division is managed by Al Haymon.

While the problem likely would not be with Haymon who from genuine research seems to be willing to work with most people (including the UFC recently for example with Mayweather vs McGregor recently), the question will be will Crawford’s promoter who’s had his run ins with Haymon in the past be willing to let Crawford fight on a rival network outside of ESPN?

If so, there’s the likes of Amir Khan, Keith Thurman, Danny Garcia, Shawn Porter and Keith Thurman all waiting in the wings – all whom work with Haymon.

The time will come in 2018 where the best in the welterweight division fight one another and Crawford, as one of the best fighters in the world, will no doubt want to test his abilities against the very elite this year.

The best fighters always do.