A David Haye injury was sustained to his bicep last year that caused his rematch with Tony Bellew to be but back to this coming May. Consequently, Some fans are not holding their breath on it happening. Just yet.

In fairness to Haye, he’s had a number of injuries in his career which must be a mentally crippling thing to keep having to deal with.

Time and time again.

But it’s the notable, big fights that he’s pulled out of in the past that has earned the frustration venting of fight fans in recent years.

At this stage of his career while probably a bit removed from his prime now, in all honesty, even if he can still get back to 75% of the fighter he was – he’s still a force and contender.

More often than not (other than that Klitschko fight of course) his fights end in stoppages and can be entertaining.

He posted this update on his latest injury recovery at the moment but a lot of fans and people from the boxing world seem to be having none of it:

The inevitable “toe” jibes have come out. As to be expected really. Referring of course to the famous injury he pointed out to in his bout with Wladimir Klitschko.

Here’s some of the feeling and sentiment out there in the boxing world surrounding this latest injury recovery:


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