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Mayweather Demands His Face Should Be On All World Title Belts

Floyd Mayweather has demanded that his face should be on all the recognised world title belts in boxing today.

Mayweather collected world title belts in five different weight classes during a professional boxing career that went from 1997 to 2017.

His last official bout against Ireland’s Conor McGregor saw the WBC (World Boxing Council) create a new belt for Mayweather himself.

However he’s not content with just that, he wants more. Speaking to Fight Mayweather said:

“I got the Emerald belt, I got the Money belt. They create belts, the named a belt after me, the money belt. As a matter of fact, I’m letting the WBC know this right now, I want all the fighters to petition – I need my face on the WBC belt and I need my face on the IBF, the WB0 and the WBA. I need my face on all belts. S***, the God father’s face should go on the belts.”

It is widely thought now that Mayweather is retired as an active professional boxer that his promotional company is now his main and only focus in the sport.

He did mention in passing after the McGregor fight last August that training boxers was also something he is open to in the future.

Recent reports of Mayweather partaking in an MMA fight in the UFC were dismissed by the American.