Mayweather Reveals The Biggest Mistake He Made In Boxing

Floyd Mayweather reveals the biggest mistake he made during his boxing career and has some choice words for one person in boxing in particular.

Mayweather now finds himself in the unforgiving world of boxing promotion having hung up the gloves recently following a fight with Conor McGregor.

He’s had time to reflect on his career a bit in recent months and speaking to, mentioned what the biggest regret of his career was looking back on it all:

“As of today the worst thing I ever did in my career was sign with Top Rank (promotional company in the US). That’s the worst thing I ever did in my career.”

He continued:

“The reason I ended up signing with Top Rank was because one of my family members was money hungry and went and cut a deal behind my back.”

He added:

“One of my family members went behind my back to get some money to take me to Top Rank.”

As he finished up, he had one boxing promoter on his mind in particular:

“Bob Arum is just a bitter b****. He’s just a bitter b****. Man, you’ve made so much money off fighters, you’ve made more money off the fighters than the fighters made. So – be happy with that man. Go live your life and just chill. You’re that old, you almost 90 years old and you still want more money?”

Mayweather in recent times has been linked with a move to the UFC although he has played down these reports.