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Boxing World Has Mixed Response Over Boxer Ohara Davies Controversy

Boxer Ohara Davies has been at the centre of a controversy storm in recent days in boxing following controversial and highly offensive comments made on social media.

He has since apologised for his comments but that has not stopped his promoter from taking him off a fight card in February, fellow fighters from his promotional stable coming out in their droves against him and reportedly, now even his training and management team leaving him.

The comments were as bad as it gets. No doubt about it.

But he’s a young man who over stepped the mark here, have we not all made mistakes in our younger days? Have not the best of us f***** at some stage in our lives?

That is not in any way to condone what he said. Not in the slightest.

But the response from fans from initial disdain to some now questioning his team abandoning him make for interesting food for thought.

For balance, here’s a look at some of the mixed responses to the issue so far:

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