Joseph Parker’s promoter Dave Higgins opens up on what is happening with the early Joshua Parker deal that is now nearly over the line for a unification bout in 2018.

Some very interesting pieces of information are coming out of New Zealand today upon what exactly is taking place with an Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker fight in the new year.

Earlier we reported that if Parker were to win that in a potential rematch he could stand to take 55% of the revenue and that in the first fight, that is expected to be announced soon – he’ll likely make in the range of 33.33% of the overall fight takings.

What’s more interesting though is that his promoter has gone to great lengths to make sure his fighter gets the best possible deal.

To his credit.

Dave Higgins has spoken here of how he has found the exact same lawyer from London that handled the Klitschko vs Joshua contract on behalf of Wladimir Klitschko when he was boxing at Wembley earlier this year under British jurisdiction:

Usually where the fight takes place governs the rules of a contract for a fight / event of this magnitude.

So kudos to Higgins for making sure on all the i’s and t’s, as it were. Hopefully the final points of the deal will be confirmed shortly.