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Home » Shannon Briggs Had A Savage Response About A Joshua vs Fury Fight

Shannon Briggs Had A Savage Response About A Joshua vs Fury Fight

Shannon Briggs had a savage response when asked his opinion on who he thinks wins between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury.

The ultimate goal one would think in Fury’s return to boxing is to secure a showdown with Joshua.

Or someone with a belt at least.

There’s a lot to happen before that just yet but many fans are already speculating on who would win in a showdown between Fury and Joshua.

Speaking to Kugan Cassius of IFL TV, Briggs when asked about the outcome of a Fury vs Joshua fight – ripped into Fury’s chances:

“Fury isn’t to be talked about, Fury is nothing. Fury is fat, out of shape. He’s lost a little bit of weight – I’ve seen a before and after about 30 days ago – he’s trying but I think he’s BSing.”

He added:

“I don’t think he’s really going to fight, what he’s doing now is getting a little bit of attention, he’ll go into a crying fit and say this and that. He’ll go into a rant and lose it all again.”

Briggs has been linked with a potential fight against Fury in the new year. However, Fury must first get his boxing license in January before he can do anything.

It is thought that Fury’s first fight back could come in April or May and with Briggs now free to fight again himself after serving a 6 months suspension in 2017 – the fight could very well be plausible for a number of reasons.

If nothing else, both men’s ability to talk and sell a fight alone should offer up some interesting press conferences in the new year if this deal gets over the line.