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Home » Saunders Blasts Lemieux – Who He Perceives As A Bad Loser

Saunders Blasts Lemieux – Who He Perceives As A Bad Loser

Billy Joe Saunders blasts Lemieux once again following their bout that took place earlier this month in Montreal, Canada.

Usually when a fight is over both boxers shake hands and any bad feeling that might have existed before the contest disappears.

This doesn’t seem to be the case between WBO middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders and Canada’s David Lemieux however.

Saunders comprehensively shut down Lemieux earlier this month by unanimous decision. Arguably one of the finest pure-boxing displays from a top-level fighter this year.

The Englishman proved a league above the tenacious and ultra tough Lemieux who just couldn’t get past what was in front of him in the end.

Following the bout, Lemieux mentioned in his post-fight interview that he thought Saunders was “running” in the fight.

Saunders still has not forgotten about this. At all.

Speaking over the holidays he blasted Lemieux directly on social media once again:

“your a bad loser I will b**** slap you if you don’t be a man about the little lesson you had in your garden”

Saunders is now in a position next year to fight in a middleweight unification bout.

He will need at least one keep busy fight before waiting on a shot at an expected Golovkin vs Canelo rematch next summer.