Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua explains how Tyson Fury when he fights him – will be the hardest opponent out of all the current heavyweights.

Trash talk aside there is no denying that at least Joshua has respect for the boxing skills of one Tyson Fury.

He’s no fool.

He knows Fury’s fight style will present problems and has clearly been doing his homework on his potential foe ahead of a massive 2018 ahead for the heavyweight division.

Speaking to Thierry Henry on Sky Sports, Joshua paid tribute to Fury’s ability:

“I always say I think Fury if he comes back in shape. Reason is as I said I just think he’s awkward in the mind and he’s awkward in his style. Everything about him is unpredictable. This is the situation. You just don’t know. He doesn’t have one significant style. He could move around the ring and try to steal the win. He may just jab the whole fight. I’ve seen him fight guys like John McDermott years ago when he’ll just fight with you, Steve Cunningham when he just tries to fight with them and be more vulnerable”.

He added:

“So I don’t know what style Fury will possess but he’s good – he’s a man of many trades.”

Out of any of the heavyweight matches that can be made in 2018 Joshua vs Fury would have to be out there as the biggest of them, surely.

The clash of personalities and the fact people who don’t even watch boxing know who they are would create a ginormous event.