Amir Khan Reveals Shortlist Of 3 Potential Big Fights For 2018

Amir Khan Reveals Shortlist

Amir Khan reveals shortlist of 3 possible big fights in 2018 that he is more than open to – when speaking to fans in a questions and answers session.

Khan has fought some top competition over the years to his credit and has never been one to duck a fight, really.

We all know how long he chased the Mayweather fight to never land it in the end – but it’s hard to think of a time that Khan actually swerved a fight.

Some might point to the Kell Brook fight not happening but that seems like more of a two-way street to be fair, and could be getting saved by both men for the end of their careers when you think about it.

The fight will always be there in a sense for both of them, regardless of where they are at in their careers due to the sheer compelling nature of the bout because of the longstanding, bitter rivalry they’ve had.

But a bright 2018 is just around the corner and Khan will be back next March he confirmed for his first fight back.

This won’t be a world beater one suspects, but if he comes through it successfully and injury free, the other two fights he’s planning should be against solid names.

He let slip three of those names in a questions and answers session with fans – as Danny Garcia, Keith Thurman and Adrien Broner:

All three, like Khan, are advised by Al Haymon – so in theory they’d be very easy to make fights next year.