Sky Bring Out Spine Tingling Video Of A Special Year For Boxing In 2017

Boxing in 2017 could well be looked back on in years to come as the start of a new golden era for the sport. A year that had it all, really.

The sport definitely grew overall this year around the world, no doubt about it.

Consistently interesting fights getting made between fighters in their prime where fans didn’t have to wait years for played a pivotal role no doubt.

The heavyweight landscape got shook up, the World Boxing Super Series came to the sport, Mayweather had his final fight and new talent broke through internationally, to name but a few happenings this year.

If 2017 proved anything, perhaps it’s two simple things in today’s boxing landscape. One, boxing is an international sport. Two, put on good fights and people will watch.

Simple? Sure. Why not?

The folks at Sky, ever the promo geniuses that they are when it comes to hype, to be fair to them have put together a thrilling short video here for anyone even remotely interested in boxing – absolutely beautiful stuff:

Indeed, sometimes you just can’t script the sport of boxing. The ultimate drug and addiction for those gripped by it.

Perhaps the most exhilarating sports of them all. Passion, victory and defeat all in the one served up to a growing fan base throughout the year in 2017.

Roll on 2018.