Anthony Joshua to become boxing promoter while he sits on top of the heavyweight division at the moment as an active professional fighter.

If history has taught us anything in boxing – is that being a promoter and a manager while also being a professional fighter often doesn’t work.

The time restrictions alone on such an adventure would be freakish, but it seems Anthony Joshua will now be dipping his toes into the promotion world while on somewhat of a part-time basis, while also currently being heavyweight champion.

Today it was confirmed at a press conference where it was confirmed:

“Anthony Joshua will be co-promoting Okolie vs Chamberlain event with Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Sport — official confirmation that Anthony Joshua is now also a boxing promoter — as well as heavyweight champion.”

Promoter Eddie Hearn confirmed the news that Joshua will co-promote the event on February 3rd at the O2 Arena in London.

Joshua from a boxing perspective is understood to be closing out a deal for a unification fight with WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker from New Zealand.

It was previously known that Joshua was already a boxing manager in the UK in that he manages above fighter Lawrence Okolie.

But today is the first time in official news that he is now in the promotion game, too.

Unlike the US, there is no Muhammad Ali act in the UK that prevents someone from being a promoter and a manager due to a perceived conflict of interest.

Although rare, like today, it does happen occasionally in the UK. Speaking today Joshua said:

“I believe both of these guys can go onto be champion. This fight does take the winner to a whole new level.”

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