Lomachenko Calls Out Mayweather – Boxing World Explodes!

Mayweather Claims Lomachenko Has Two Weaknesses

Vasyl Lomachenko calls out Floyd Mayweather in an unexpected turn for the books as 2017 comes towards an end.

Floyd Mayweather is retired from the sport of boxing but the Ukraine boxing phenom regarded by many as one of if not the new pound for pound number one, wants a piece of the American.

Article update – Lomachenko subsequently (only after the below Tweet was sent out by him) clarified here what he meant by his Mayweather comments.

He’d be giving away a fair bit in size but it doesn’t seem to bother him with his creative call out today on social media to Mayweather simply stating to bring it (Rock style):

Well, well, well.

Just when you think you’ve been surprised by just about everything in the sport of boxing, it comes along and serves you up another fresh dish of intrigue.

Ah, the good old fight business. As nutty and fun a business as there is. Surely.

Fight fans have been going nuts so far following the news that has ignited the boxing world into a social media frenzy:



Looks like we have not heard the last of this, not by a long shot.