Amir Khan Reveals Comeback Plan and Weight He Left The Jungle At

Boxer Amir Khan reveals comeback strategy, approximately when he’ll be back in the ring in 2018 and the staggering weight loss he’s gone through.

Khan is now back in the UK following extended travelling after leaving a jungle in Australia where he was on a celebrity reality TV show.

He now has his eyes firmly back on boxing however and wants to get back as soon as possibly.

Speaking after flying back from Dubai to Ring IQ TV, Khan said:

“It’s concrete (my comeback) early next year. I’m definitely fighting before Ramadan. That’s the first move we’re going to do. I’m taking a tune up fight next because obviously I’ve not fought so hopefully get that tune up fight out-of-the-way and go back to a big fight.”

He added:

“I walked out of the jungle at 145 lbs so I want to get back up to like 160 before I get back down to 147 lbs before I come back down to fight. 147 lbs is the division I’m in. Walking out of the jungle kind of surprised me at 145 lbs, walking around at the weight. So I want to put more weight on because my training is so intense you lose weight anyway.”

He continued that his trainer and manager are still the same:

“I was on the phone to Al (Haymon). We have talks of doing a big fight next year. But again, a tune up first. Yeah Virgil (Hunter) is still my trainer so I’m going to be flying out there in the next week or two.”

Khan last fought in May of 2015 when he suffered a KO loss to Canelo Alvarez at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.