Saunders vs Lemieux live streaming of fight results tonight in Canada as part of a HBO world title night of action in Montreal.

Time to kick of tonight’s Saunders vs Lemieux live streaming blog from Canada, strap yourself in folks. The challenger is in the house:

Now the champion has arrived:

First up on tonight’s main event is Gary O’Sullivan vs Antoine Douglas, a good scrap in store between two middleweight contender who only know how to fight one way – going forward!

Pretty even fight so far in the first couple of rounds, O’Sullivan soaking up some punishment from the American.

Tied starting to turn now though from the Irishman O’Sullivan, mixing his work up very well and punching upstairs and downstairs to throw Douglas off his game in the fourth.

More of the same in round 5.

Round 6 was a close one but round 7 Douglas is down! O’Sullivan started detonating some huge bombs on Douglas in the 7th, leaving the referee with no choice but to wave off proceedings.

Okay onto the main event of the night, the big one between Saunders and Lemieux for the WBO middleweight world championship.

After a confident ring walk from both men it’s Saunders who gets off to the confident assured start in round one, boxing well behind that jab.

More of the same from Saunders in round 2 – his ring control is spot on.

Round 3 is really showing the class of Saunders here, moving very well around the ring. His footwork is on a different level from the challenger.

Lemieux tries to press the action a bit more in round 4 but he just can’t cope with the boxing game in front of him.

Round 5 sees the Canadian try to force the issue more, falling short with his blows and made to miss.

By the mid way point of the fight Saunders looked in total control.

Saunders stunned Lemieux at the start of the 7th but the challenger battled on, showing his grit to be fair.

Saunders totally dominating the fight down the stretch and wins most of the rounds in this writer’s view, winning a unanimous points decision in the judges’ eyes in one of the best performances of his career.

Post-Fight Analysis

All in all, it proved to be a big night in the end tonight for middleweights Billy Joe Saunders and Gary Spike O’Sullivan, to their credit.

WBO middleweight champion Saunders put in arguably the finest performance of his professional career to date by shutting down Canadian David Lemieux on points.

Comprehensively by most onlookers’ eyes.

His movement, footwork and overall ring control was a joy to watch at times, showing that an in shape and well motivated Billy Joe Saunders is a danger to anyone in the middleweight division.

Following the bout his attention turned to Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez who box in an expected rematch in the new year which Saunders is eyeing the winner of, if it happens.

Also on the card tonight was of course middleweight contender Gary O’Sullivan who put in a big win by knocking out Antoine Douglas.

The win now positions him for a significant fight at 160lbs in 2018 and he’ll be looking at making a run at a world title no doubt.

Irish eyes were smiling in Canada tonight.