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Tyson Fury Speaks Honestly About Hardcore Drug Use

Tyson Fury speaks honestly about substance issues over two years on from his last fight in the ring back in 2015.

Fury went through a period of depression after defeating Wladimir Klitschko in November 2015 following a number of personal issues after the fight.

Following extensive treatment, ups and downs and soul-searching, he has now come out the other side of things with UKAD finally ruling this week that he is free to return to his profession in the new year.

But Fury has been candid on his time away from the ring, saying he wasn’t going to box anyway during that time.

Speaking to Kugan Cassius of IFL TV, Fury said:

“The two years (away from boxing) was what it was because I wasn’t going to do box anyway in them two years. Took some time out, sniffed a few drugs, shagged a few women, drunk a few beers. Got myself back in order. Smoked a bit of weed. Done a bit of magic. MDMA.”

Fury went through a well publicised difficult time out of the ring in the two years he was out of boxing so far – where depression, weight gain and substance abuse were prevalent for him.

However he has overcome those problems now and is due to return to the sport very soon.

Some are saying in April of next year, or possibly May, which will make it a full two and a half years out of a professional boxing ring by the time he returns.

For the full interview with IFL TV YouTube (hat tip) check it out here: