The Saunders vs Lemieux Weigh in presented a lot of confusion, shouting, accusations and other scenes typical of the occasional chaotic weigh-ins witnessed in boxing.

Boxing weigh-ins often can cause a bit of controversy and today was no different in Montreal.

On first inspections it appeared that challenger for the WBO middleweight title David Lemieux missed weight on his first attempt.

Shouts from champion Billy Joe Saunders’ trainer Dominc Ingle could clearly be heard as:

“He’s after missing weight!

Followed by:

“I want him on the scales again!”

Tempers flared between the fighters with Saunders before jumping onto the scales – heard shouting at Lemieux:

“Pretty boy!”

There appeared to be a lot of confusion and chaos over what the weights actually were, with both teams clearly arguing with one another.

Saunders was shouting throughout at Lemieux with the challenger more reserved and letting his team engage in the chaos that was playing out in front of him.

After a lot of confusion both men were confirmed to have come in under the middleweight limit and we have a fight tomorrow night for the WBO middleweight world title in Canada.

The official weights were both 160lbs each.