Manny Pacquiao Mocks Amir Khan Back Following Online Dig

Manny Pacquiao mocks Amir Khan back in response to a jibe the UK boxer made against his old sparring partner this week.

The two are thought to be good friends behind the scenes but that won’t stop them getting in there and throwing down if the price and fan-demand is right in 2018.

Following comments from Khan this week on social media after a world welterweight title bout that took place in Australia:

“Watching the Horn v Corcoran fight live, Now I know why picked horn to fight & not me,,,, & he still lost.”

Pacquiao who last his belt earlier this year to the above Jeff Horn – hasn’t taken Khan’s comments it lying down so to speak:

Pacquiao trash talking has never exactly been part of the “Pacman” persona in boxing.

But with his career coming to a close, it looks like him and those that manage his social media at least are willing wane into the world of professional boxing-hype and call out the likes of Conor McGregor, Khan and others.

One expects that 2018 will most definitely be the last time we see the legendary Pacquiao in the ring but if he’s to go out of the sport in style, he’ll need to train boxing full-time as his job for at least a two month camp and eliminate any political commitments at least for a couple of months.