Sky Make Embarrassing Mistake About Katie Taylor Irish Nationality

Good ol Sky, despite their giant size and usually superb coverage, everyone makes mistakes. In their case last night – when an athlete is doing well they converted someone’s entire national identity.

Boxing phenom Katie Taylor marched on last night with a win to retain her WBA lightweight title in a hard-fought contest where she had to dig deep.

Hailing from Co.Bray in the Republic of Ireland – Taylor is adored by her Irish faithful who reside all over the world.

This national identity is obviously a strong one. The Irish have literally emigrated to every part of the world from the UK, to Canada, to Australia, to Dubai, to the States.

In the US alone there is estimated to be over 35 million Irish-Americans of Irish descent that now call the US home and when you consider there’s actually only 4.5 million people living on the tiny island of Ireland itself, that will tell you how strong the Irish thing really is.

It would be impossible to get a total world figure of Irish around the world in every country but you could be talking between 75-100 million Irish worldwide.

So when their most loved athlete of all time, Katie Taylor, gets converted to British live on TV, you can understand why so many of them will be frustrated by this:

(Hat tip Kevin Butler)