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Official Horn vs Corcoran Scorecard Reveals Controversial Judging

This Jeff Horn vs Corcoran scorecard leaves a lot to be desired, in fairness, following a brave but ultimately unsuccessful attempt from the British challenger.

Gary Corcoran can fly back to the UK with his head held high after giving it his best in today’s world title fight in Australia.

Ultimately WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn was that bit too good, though, on route to an 11th round TKO win where both men suffered cuts.

Corcoran at times pushed an intense pace on Horn early on though, certainly winning some rounds in the fight before Horn caught a second wind later in the contest.

As it turns out though, had the fight gone one more round and went the championship distance, the British fighter was an absolute wipe out on the scorecards:

Horn vs Corcoran Scorecard

99-91, 100-90 ad 99-91 didn’t give the challenger an absolute prayer, in all fairness.

While some of the rounds were tough to score and tight, admittedly, the above just doesn’t do Corcoran justice at the end of the day.

That being said, it doesn’t change the result – nor would have in the end.

Horn has been linked with a fight against Terence Crawford next up in April possibly in Las Vegas.

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