Terence Crawford Comes To Floyd Mayweather Defence

Pound for pound rated Terence Crawford comes to the defence of former pound for pound number one boxer, Floyd Mayweather.

As the 2017 boxing calendar draws to a conclusion we’ve seen a number of moves in the pound for pound chart with one Terence Crawford part of the jostling for position in the upper echelons of the sweet science sphere.

So much so that he essentially cleaned out the 140lbs weight class and for a temporary period of time, unified the division – before been forced to give up one of the belts.

He’s now set his sights on the welterweight division for 2018 as he looks to make a charge for the pound for pound spot.

Speaking on pound for pound, Crawford came to the defence of former pound for pound number one Floyd Mayweather today:

Mayweather as things stand is retired from the sport of boxing with no plans to come-back as of yet.

Crawford is expected to fight at welterweight next with big fights in the offering against the likes of Keith Thurman and Errol Spence, potentially.