Former Opponent Nonito Donaire Can’t Understand Rigondeaux’s Decision

Nonito Donaire fought Guillermo Rigondeaux a little over four years ago and after watching his fight this weekend, he’s baffled.

Their fight at the time was a big one in the then pound for pound debate.

Nonito Donaire was coming off a then recent Fight of the Year award and was considered by many to be then one of the very best fighters in the sport, pound for pound.

Like many this weekend, he’s a little lost as to why Rigondeaux decided to stop boxing in the contest after he cited an injury incurred to his hand.

Speaking on his social media account, Donaire said:

He makes a good point in that for the very first time in his career amateur or pro, Rigondeaux found himself in a place where he simply could not deal with the skill and ability of the guy in front of him.

Testament to just how damn good Lomachenko really is – to make someone like “Rigo” essentially look ordinary.

Here’s what happened when Donaire and Rigondeaux fought a few years back: