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Writer Makes Big Claim About Mayweather and Lomachenko

Mayweather and Lomachenko – could you have imagined it? Well, one well known writer thinks he could have and has brought up an interesting point.

Mayweather and Lomachenko is a fantasy fight that we’ll never get to see now that American boxing great Floyd Mayweather has retired from the sport.

Even if he wasn’t, it would still be tricky to make anyway – because of the weight difference currently between the two and also the fact the Mayweather at least at the latter part of his career only faced the very biggest names in combat sports to ensure the biggest pay-day possible.

While Lomachenko for this writer’s dollar is certainly pound for pound best boxer in the world, his star has a lot of building to be done just yet to those outside of boxing fans.

Fame aside, ESPN’s Dan Rafael brought up a very interesting point about Mayweather and Lomachenko afterwards:

Do you agree?

Certainly, both were supreme technicians who have / had an ability to break their opponents down mid fight and adjust game plans on the fly, but who would have come out on top?

Mayweather and Lomachenko, what a fight it would have been.