Lomachenko Amateur And Pro Credentials Make For Staggering Reading

Lomachenko Amateur And Pro

Lomachenko amateur and pro has pretty much done everything already in the sport of boxing. When you look at this, it’s quiet extraordinary.

Very few Olympic Gold medallists ever go on to reach the heights in the pro ranks if boxing history is anything to go by.

Often times the best pros are guys for whatever reason got a bad deal in the amateur code on a decision, or their particular fighting styles were perhaps not suited to it.

But sometimes an extraordinary athlete comes along in boxing who not only wins Olympic Gold twice, but goes on to dominate the professional game, if that’s ever been done even.

This era’s fighter who’s done it is Ukraine’s Vasyl Lomachenko.

His domination of Guillermo Rigondeaux this past weekend surely solidified his position at the top of the pound for pound rankings.

One Twitter user (hat tip) has compiled his amateur and pro tally together as things stand as a boxer:


To have done what he’s done in the professional ranks in only 11 pro fights is unheard of.

Not even Floyd Mayweather or Roy Jones junior in the last twenty years can say they shot to pound for pound status that quick. He outguns them in the amateur trophies department, too.

Furthermore, his humility, work ethic and strong personal attitude should ensure that the next few years he builds on this.